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            Duy Linh Electric Equipment Co., Ltd operates in the field of manufacturing and trading the products of civil electricity such as Plastic enclosure containing MCB, Ventilation fan, Industrial fan, Ventilation system, Dust filter system, Environmental treatment ... branded Grineu        
            Founded in 2007, with many years of practical experience and development, Duy Linh Electric Equipment Co., Ltd always listen, learn experience, find out the needs of the market, improve the ability to create staffs, employees strive to meet the increasing demand of customers. In addition, Duy Linh has coordinated with many technical experts in major universities in the country such as Polytechnic University, University of Construction and research institutes ( Mechanical Research Institute, Labor Protection Institute ...) to constantly improve, perfect and develop products and services to meet the needs of customers in the best way.
           Grineu products are produced on demand with high quality, reasonable price, goods delivered to the works, quick payment method, perfect installation service, long-term warranty. Each product is crystallized from creative arts, suitable for new urban life. - based on ISO 9001: 2008 international quality management system in accordance with Vietnam's climate and standards. 
            We look forward to developing our company, developing ourselves, contributing to society, building a prosperous Vietnam through the products and services provided to our customers.
            We believe and work hard, have professional responsibility, always innovate the most valuable products and services for customers, society.

Slogan "Quality creates sustainable development"


Best regards !  



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Giải thưởng thương hiệu chất lượng cao 2018
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