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GEB Super Ventilation fan

Mã sản phẩm : GEB15B2-2 Super; GEB20B2-2 Super; GEB25B2-2 Super
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GEB Super
ventilation fan effect of ventilators:

1. Enhanced Circulatory air

– The air in the House will cause your health to be reduced, reduce the likelihood of operation, cause loss of concentration and cause dyspnea.
– Ventilating fans help the indoor air circulation ensures that the stagnant air is pushed regularly, increasing the amount of oygen in the house.
– Minimize viruses that multiply in the family when there is a sick person.
– Air circulation will cause the symptoms of disease in buildings.

2. Minimize the risk of indoor pollution

– Indoor pollution caused by the discharge of gases and chemicals in household items such as washing powders, gas, smoke, ...
– The air is in the house and can not escape
outside– members of the family will risk facing the risk of long-term health: chronic obstructive pulmonary, asthma, ...
– Furniture and household items will be damaged faster due to the gas and chemical effects to arise the chemical reactions. For example, wallpaper or paint.

3. The harmful effects of indoor pollution

– Fur and allergens

4. Reduce humidity in the bathroom

– Moisture will increase mold and bacteria
– bacteria will multiply on the walls and slit, they are black and can not be cleaned.
– Bacteria and mold will also proliferate in towels and hand wipes (black dots). They can't be cleaned up.
– Bacteria can not be seen and cause cracks in paint layers and wallpaper, even destroying the installation items.
– In the worst circumstances, toxins may arise to harm human health. In some situations where the microbial reproduction exceeds the processing capacity, the House may be subject to quarantine.
– Low humidity environment is also favorable conditions for the arising of insects and bugs in the house.

Technical Specifications
GEB15B2 Super
GEB20B2 Super
GEB25B2 Super
Rotor diameter 15cm 20cm 25cm
Voltage 220V 220V 220V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Power 28W 30W 32W
Rotation speed ≤ 1300rpm ≤ 1300rpm ≤ 1300rpm
Wind flow 280CMH 520CMH 860CMH
Product size 200x200mm 250x250mm 300x300mm
Weight 1.4 kg 1.8 kg 2.0 kg
Noise level ≤ 36dB ≤ 40dB ≤ 42dB
Engine type AC (bi) AC (bi) AC (bi)
Motor protection level F/44 F/44 F/44
Plastic material Pp Pp Pp